MCS Preferred Paint

MCS Preferred Paint

Developed by and for people with
chemical sensitivities.


Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

ECOS’ products were developed over 35 years ago for people with chemical sensitivities, who could not tolerate the ingredients found in traditional products which gave them headaches, breathing issues, and nausea.

Technology For Living

Our coatings are carefully crafted to be purer than traditional products, so people do not need to leave their freshly painted homes for days so that rooms can “air out".

Sealing Problem Substrates

Many customers use ECOS’ products to trap chemicals coming out of substrates like drywall, and particle board, or even other coatings like paint, stain, and polyurethane.

Chemical Sensitivity Friendly.
After using Valspar low VOC paint I was unable to go into our bedroom. After removing all painted surfaces, drywall and ceilings I'm thrilled to find a paint that does not cause a severe allergic reaction. Thank you for making a true zero VOC paint. After 21 months, I finally will be able to sleep in the master bedroom again. Don't believe anyone that says, "It will air out". If you have severe chemical allergies such as formaldehyde remove your exposure and start over with a quality paint such as ECOS.

Performance Without Compromise

Unlike modified traditional products, where harmful chemicals are simply reduced, or substituted, ECOS’ products were formulated from scratch, with ingredients chosen for their purity and performance. As a result our technology does not compromise the paint’s color, coverage, or durability.

Ingredient Transparency

Individuals can have strong reactions to specific chemicals like Isothiazolinones, antimicrobials, and latex. We provide comprehensive ingredient lists, so that consumers can choose to avoid the chemicals that cause them harm.

Certainly, eliminating VOCs is an integral part of producing a healthy product, but not all VOCs, or ingredients are the same. And because we understand that many of our customers want to know exactly what chemicals are in each product, we publish a full list of the ingredients for everything we make.

A Level Beyond

ECOS’ Air Purifying Products contain a unique filtering technology that absorbs harmful VOCs as they bounce around a room, or off-gas from a substrate. By actually trapping harmful chemicals, ECOS’ Air Purifying Products can improve indoor air quality.

We don’t compromise on quality and we don’t expect you to.

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