Health-Focused Paint

What is Health-Focused Paint?

It’s all about the ingredients.

There is no smell!
My Husband has extreme chemical sensitivies, so bad that I have to use a no smell deodorant. This is the only paint that doesn't affect him. There is no smell! I am grateful that there is a company out there that is sensitive for the earth and my home!!!
Ciressa M.


Ingredients Determine Everything

Ingredients determine a paint’s toxicity, and the odor it produces when drying. The harsh fumes from conventional paints come from their ingredients. Because of this, we carefully select the ingredients for our Zero VOC* paints to make sure there are no harsh fumes or conventional paint odor.

Seal of Approval

We pride ourselves on letting you know exactly what’s in our products. At ECOS, we provide third-party verified ingredient lists (Declare Labels) for all of our products for your peace of mind.

What Are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)?

Conventional paints emit harmful VOCs like formaldehyde and toluene as they dry, giving off that familiar harsh smell that damages the environment, and causes irritation and illness.

Think Beyond Zero VOC

At ECOS, we recognize the need to “Think Beyond Zero VOC.” Many chemicals that can cause illness are not regulated VOCs, so simply knowing the amount of VOCs in a product doesn’t really tell you how harmful it is. We carefully select our ingredients for the well-being of our customers, avoiding all chemicals that are known to cause irritation, illness, and discomfort.

Quality Without Compromise

Of course, health-focused products still need to perform. Our premium quality and durable paints are easy to apply, cover up to 1.5 times more than conventional paints, and come in over 1,200 vibrant colors.

We don’t compromise on quality and we don’t expect you to either.

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